Jan 17, 2006

Howard Government Slams Door on Peoples Choice Invention of 2005

Howard Government Slams Door on Peoples Choice Invention of 2005


17 January 2006

The Howard Government has shown its contempt for renewable energy by refusing to support the award-winning SunBall Solar Appliance.

The SunBall was voted the Peoples Choice invention of 2005 on ABC’s New Inventors, but the Howard Government has refused to provide a rebate to people wishing to buy the product.

This follows the decision to slash solar energy rebates for photovoltaic solar panels to community organisations from 1 January and phase out rebates to residential homes.

The SunBall has the potential to deliver cost effective solar electric power throughout Australia. It has huge export potential, but the Howard Government has slammed the door shut because it doesn’t fit with its narrow-minded approach to addressing climate change.

According to the SunBall’s inventor, Mr Greg Watson, the Australian Greenhouse Office has not yet provided the requested testing requirements for the unique SunBall so it can qualify for rebates. After five months of frustrating discussions, Mr Watson says the Australian Greenhouse Office is now refusing to respond to his e-mails.

The Howard Government has no credibility on climate change or renewable energy. It has refused to ratify the Kyoto Protocol, refused to increase the mandatory renewable energy target and refused to establish a national emissions trading scheme.

At the Asia Pacific Climate Pact meeting, the Howard Government promised a pathetic $5 million a year to renewable energy. This represents 25 cents a year for every Australian.

By comparison, just last week Republican Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger announced the California Solar Initiative, a US$3.2 billion program to provide rebates for solar energy.

The Howard Government is all hot air when it comes to supporting innovation and clean energy.

Information on the SunBall can be found at www.greenandgoldenergy.com.au