Apr 27, 2005

Howard wrong about litter at ANZAC Cove


MEDIA RELEASE: Anthony Albanese – 27 April 2005

Labor agrees with the RSL that there is no excuse for the littering of Anzac Cove and no excuse for lying on Anzac graves.

Anzac Cove is a sacred site and should be treated as such.

The picture on the front page of today’s Daily Telegraph is shocking.

I am appalled the Prime Minister (in today’s Australian) has defended that treatment of the Anzac graves.

The PM is very, very wrong.

Whilst the increased participation of young people in Anzac Day commemorations is worthy of praise, the PM is out of touch if he “won’t have a word said against” people lying on the graves and littering Anzac Cove.

The authorising of the playing of the disco hits "Stayin’ Alive" and "You Should be Dancing" at the Anzac Cove ceremony shows little understanding of the need to respect Australia’s history. It is an abrogation of the leadership expected of Government.

Anzac Day is a commemoration, not a celebration like New Years Eve.

The Howard Government have been more interested in borrowing the glory of our Anzac heritage than honouring it.