Jun 5, 2012

Increased secuirty at Roma Airport

The Federal Labor Government has delivered nearly $650,000 to boost security passengers travelling through Roma Airport in Queensland.

Roma will benefit from the Government’s $200 million Strengthening Aviation Security Initiative to strengthen domestic and international aviation security against new and emerging threats.

At Roma, the funding will support the purchase of:

  • one passenger baggage x-ray machine;
  • one checked baggage x-ray machine;
  • two explosive trace detection machines;
  • one walk through metal detector machine; and
  • four hand held metal detectors.

More than 72,000 passengers flew into and out of Roma Airport last year.

Their safety and security is our highest priority.

Delivering essential screening equipment to Australia’s major regional airports is a critical part of our national aviation security investment.

The Government’s funding will allow airports like Roma to be able to provide passenger screening from 1 July this year.

Australia has a world-class reputation for aviation safety and security and we are determined to make sure that continues.

The Government is committed to supporting regional airports and protecting the 130 million passenger movements across Australian skies each year.

The grant is being provided to the Maranoa Regional Council.