May 8, 2014

Inner west community organisations left behind

The Abbott Government’s decision to reject the Community and Cultural Connections tender for funding in the 2013 Commonwealth HACC Funding Round, has meant the much loved local organisation is now fearful of its future.

As the Federal Member for Grayndler, I have seen the fantastic services the Community and Cultural Connections provides for the most vulnerable people in our community.

These organisations should receive support from the Federal Government in recognition of the tremendous work they do.

Yet in contrast we have seen the Coalition is more committed to their axe-wielding exercise in cutting services across the nation.

Labor is particularly concerned next week’s budget will have a disastrous impact on those who can least afford it in the community.

This is a concern shared by community organisations who are also feeling the pinch.

Natanya Mandel, Executive Officer from the Community and Cultural Connections, said it was disappointing the Coalition Government had overlooked smaller community organisations during the most recent funding round.

“Our organisation has a forty year old history. If the Coalition Government is willing to let that fall by the wayside, then I am concerned for other community organisations too,” Ms Mandel said.

The organisation currently receives a small amount of HACC funding for specific projects but this does not cover all the unique services the Community and Cultural Connections provides, which are in high demand.

Formerly known as the May Murray Neighbourhood Centre, the organisation has received funding from both Labor and Liberal Governments in the past.