May 11, 2003

Insiders – The Adjournment Debate – Governor-General

Insiders – The Adjournment debate: the Governor General

Sunday 11 May 2003


Insensitive, unsympathetic, unfair, uncompassionate and untenable. No, we’re not talking about John Howard’s plans to gut Medicare. These are direct quotes from an independent inquiry into the handling of child sexual abuse cases by our Governor-General whilst Archbishop of Brisbane.

Sexual abuse is about power, and it is up to people in positions of authority to treat it for the criminal behaviour that it is. No ifs and no buts. Would you have allowed convicted paedophile John Elliott to remain in a position where he could have direct contact with children?

Our head of State must be a unifying figure who all Australians can respect and trust. This view of Sydney Harbour is pretty hard to give up. But most Australians know that the G-G just has to go, go. I’m Anthony Albanese.