Jun 19, 2013

Investing in Regional and Local Community Infrastructure

 The Federal Labor Government will provide $150 million to be shared between all local councils and shires across Australia to help build and renew community infrastructure.

This funding, delivered through Round Five of the Regional Development Australia Fund and the Liveable Cities Program, is part of our plan for jobs and growth in regional and local communities.

This boost for ‘shovel-ready’ projects will allow councils and shires to generate new economic activity in regional and local communities while delivering infrastructure now and for the future.

Councils and shires will share this funding based on the current distribution of the Financial Assistance Grants. The Government has also put in place an additional protection for smaller councils by ensuring a base payment of at least $30,000.

This means around 70 per cent, or $105 million, of the total funding will be directed to rural and regional councils.

Urban councils will share $45 million for local infrastructure to help make our cities more productive, liveable and sustainable.  The $105 million will come from the Regional Development Australia Fund and $45 million from the Liveable Cities program.

This funding can only be used to build and renew community infrastructure and local councils and shires will need to outline the projects they intend to put this funding towards.

Sporting facilities, libraries, town halls, playgrounds and essential community services such as child care facilities are expected to benefit from this investment in every local community.

With these projects come more jobs and a boost to local economies across Australia.

Importantly, it is on top of $2 billion we provide annually to local government through Financial Assistance Grants, the $350 million annually for local roads through the Roads to Recovery program and the $1 billion we’ve provided since 2007 for community infrastructure projects through the Regional and Local Community Infrastructure Program.

Guidelines for this funding round will be up on the Department of Regional Australia website this Friday.