Jul 24, 2013

It’s time to stop the games and fix the Pacific Highway

Today’s shameless comments from NSW Deputy Premier Andrew Stoner and Roads Minister Duncan Gay proves that the Liberal and National Parties are masters at saying one thing in opposition and then doing the complete opposite once they get into government.

The only obstacle to completing the full duplication of the Pacific Highway is the refusal of the NSW Coalition Government to honour the commitment they gave prior to being elected.

Despite repeatedly promising matching Federal-State funding, the NSW Coalition has so far failed to deliver their share.  It’s time Mr Stoner and Mr Gay took some of their own advice and stop playing politics.

After all, the principle of 50:50 funding was first established not by Federal Labor but by his own colleagues in the former Howard Government.

This Federal Labor Government has already committed $7.9 billion, which is our share of the funding required to get the job done.  Over the next 12 months, work will begin and continue along more than 165 kilometres of this vital road.

Rebuilding the Pacific Highway is the largest, most complex road project ever undertaken in Australia and as history has shown, Federal Labor has always delivered more than the Liberal and National Parties.

The fact is had the former Howard Government spent as much as we now are, this road would today be fully duplicated.