Sep 21, 2006

Jobs blown away by Howard inaction on climate change

Jobs blown away by Howard inaction on climate change


21 September 2006

Howard Government inaction on climate change means Australian jobs have been lost or have gone overseas, and Australia’s renewable energy market left behind.

Yesterday, leading renewable energy company Pacific Hydro announced it may scrap plans for wind farms in Portland, Ararat and Yaloak in Victoria.

Last month, the Vestas Nacelle wind turbine assembly plant in northern Tasmania announced it would be closing as a direct result of Howard Government policies against clean, renewable energy. 100 jobs were lost and many families in Tasmania are suffering because of the Howard Government’s failure to support renewable energy.

In July, the Roaring 40s wind energy company announced a $300 million deal to provide three wind farms to China. Around the same time, Roaring 40’s announced they would not be proceeding with wind power projects in Tasmania and South Australia because of a lack of Federal Government support.

Australian renewable energy companies are welcomed in China, but not in Australia.

China has a renewable energy target of 15%, compared to our pathetic 2% renewable energy target. The Howard Government is out of touch in its lack of support for renewable energy.

The Report released in April 2006 by the Australian Business Round Table on Climate Change found that early action to address climate change would mean 250,000 more jobs will be created than if we delayed.

Australia needs to be part of the ongoing and dynamic global effort against climate change by ratifying the Kyoto Protocol, which will continue well beyond 2012. Given Australia is on track to meet our Kyoto Protocol target, there is no logical reason for Australia to remain outside the international framework

2005 was the hottest year on record, winter 2006 was another record dry period and we’ve just had the hottest and driest August in 106 years. The Bureau of Meteorology says climate change is one of the main reasons for the long trend of dry weather.

John Howard is wrong about climate change and his denial is costing Australia dearly. 

Investing in a sustainable future – 21 September 2006