Dec 11, 2014

John Faulkner

John Faulkner leaves the Senate as one of the greats of modern Labor.

As a Minister in the Keating, Rudd and Gillard Governments, John delivered a Labor agenda in portfolios as diverse as Environment, Defence, Veterans Affairs, Special Minister of State, Sport and Territories.

As Labor’s Senate leader, he showed commitment and determination to leadership in both policy development and political strategy.

John Faulkner is a man of principle.

John Faulkner is a man of integrity.

John Faulkner has been an outstanding parliamentarian without peer.

John has been the most effective member of Senate Estimates committees since their inception.

Throughout his political activism, he has fought corruption and the abuse of power, wherever he has found it.

As a leader of the New South Wales Left, he has fought to democratise and modernise our Party as NSW Branch Assistant General Secretary, a member of the ALP National Executive, and ALP National President.

On a personal note, John has been a mentor, a supporter, and a source of astute political and personal advice to me for over thirty years.

I will miss his presence as a valued member of Labor’s parliamentary team, but am sure he will maintain his unwavering commitment to the cause of Labor.

As a valued friend, I wish him and Liz all the very best for the future.