May 28, 2006

John Howard’s 25 year old plan for nuclear reactors

John Howard’s 25 year old plan for nuclear reactors


28 May 2006

John Howard’s plan to bring nuclear energy to Australia is an old, dangerous and very expensive proposal.

John Howard has dusted off old Fraser Government plans for nuclear reactors in an attempt to pretend he’s taking action on climate change.

In 1981, Malcolm Fraser also waited until he was in the USA before revealing his plans for nuclear reactors in Australia (see attached 8 July 1981 Sydney Morning Herald article by Paul Kelly).

John Howard was Malcolm Fraser’s Treasurer and has waited 25 years to reveal his nuclear reactor plans for Australia. Like Prime Minister Fraser, he revealed his plans to the United States before he consulted the Australian people. Just like his extreme industrial relations laws, this is all about John Howard’s past obsessions.

The Fraser Government’s “Nuclear Energy Advisory Committee” reported in June 1981, proposing sites for nuclear reactors. It made clear that the Government would have to give “a firm assurance that adequate financial compensation would be available” if there was an “accident in a nuclear power plant”. Report attached.

After 25 years, John Howard should be able to tell all Australians where his reactors will go. Where on the NSW Central Coast will his nuclear reactor go? Where on the Sunshine Coast will his reactor go? Where in Perth will his reactor go?

These are legitimate questions which must be answered in the public interest.

If John Howard thinks nuclear energy is inevitable and clean, instead of a hypothetical debate, he should say where he’ll put the nuclear reactors.

Labor opposes nuclear power for Australia. The debate over nuclear power has been around for many years. The proponents of nuclear power have not solved the intractable problems of economic cost, community safety, nuclear waste and nuclear proliferation.

Also Attached: Australia Gets Ready for Nuclear Industry – AFR – 6 May 1982