Mar 3, 2015

Joyce pretends six-year old Labor initiative is new

The desperate Abbott Government has resorted to re-announcing a six-year old truck safety program and pretending it is new in an embarrassing bid to give the appearance of activity.

Labor welcomes today’s announcement of the latest grants under the Heavy Vehicle Safety and Productivity Program, designed to improve safety for truck drivers by building or improving trucking rest stops and parking bays.

Labor initiated and funded this important program in 2008.

But despite this fact, Agriculture Minister Barnaby Joyce is openly misleading Australians on his Facebook account today by claiming the program is a new initiative and has just been launched.

Mr Joyce’s attempt to mislead in this way is pathetic.

But it fits snugly with the Abbott Government’s ongoing Magical Infrastructure Re-announcement Tour, in which senior ministers constantly tour the nation re-announcing old road projects designed, funded and in some cases completed by the former Labor Government.

Nearly halfway through its term of office, this government has done nothing on infrastructure beyond slashing all spending on public transport, re-announcing old Labor projects and funding a handful of new toll roads without cost-benefit analysis.

It is time this government stopped pretending and started to plan the next great wave of Nation Building infrastructure for this country.

And Mr Joyce should to stop treating his own supporters with contempt by misleading them about the Government’s achievements.