Aug 10, 2011

Kangaroo Island gets major boost to ecotourism

Visitors to Kangaroo Island will be able to enjoy the benefits of a $3 million upgrade which will help to make the island a must-see holiday destination for eco-tourists from Australia and around the world.

I’m pleased to announce the completion of a 12 month building and upgrade project of nine camping and visitor sites.

Not only will the residents of Kangaroo Island benefit from these fantastic new facilities, but an estimated 185,000 visitors each year will also get the chance to enjoy them during day visits or longer stays.

These upgrades will significantly improve the range and quality of facilities available, helping to increase the number of visitors to Kangaroo Island and encouraging them to stay for longer periods.

The Kangaroo Island Community Camping and Day Visitor Sites Upgrade project has been jointly funded with over $2.6 million coming from the Australian Government’s Infrastructure Employment Projects initiative and over $300,000 from the Kangaroo Island Council and local community.

The work involved extensive landscaping and the installation of wind powered dry toilets, gas powered barbeques, solar lighting, waste recycling options, shaded shelters with water tanks, parking and camping areas and environmentally sensitive fencing and control barriers.

Work has taken place at Vivonne Bay, Hanson Bay, Western River, American River, Snellings Beach, Browns Beach, Muston Lookout, Emu Bay, Duck Lagoon, Stokes Bay, Penneshaw and Kingscote

Four full time jobs and 30 short term jobs were created during the construction, with three ongoing maintenance positions.

This is a beautiful part of Australia and the completion of the upgrade will provide ongoing benefits for residents and local businesses as well as preserving the natural beauty of the island for years to come.