Aug 23, 2006

Labor announces national water recycling target

Labor announces national water recycling target


23 August 2006

A Beazley Labor Government will help ensure Australia’s towns and cities have a sustainable water supply.

A Beazley Labor Government will

1. Set a national target of 30% of wastewater being recycled by 2015.

2. Develop consistent, comprehensive national guidelines for water recycling. This is critical for building public confidence in recycling and increasing water security in all urban areas.

3. Provide the leadership, support and investment necessary to achieve the 30% recycling target.

4. Encourage innovation and new technological solutions to deliver a sustainable water supply for Australia.

The national target of recycling at least 30% of Australia’s wastewater by 2015 is ambitious, but realistic and absolutely necessary. The 30% target is an aggregate national target for recycling wastewater.

Greater use of recycled water by industry and agriculture will free up valuable drinking water and help increase environmental water flows in rivers.

Australia has a water crisis and needs national leadership to advance sustainability.

Australia must stop its profligate waste of water – both in our cities and in agriculture, mining and industry. We must establish economic frameworks that encourage water to be put to its most valuable use. We must recognise water is a finite resource.

Labor sees a strong role for the national Government in establishing water markets, supporting recycling and encouraging investment in water infrastructure.

Rivers, water sources and weather systems do not stop at State boundaries.

The Howard Government should stop point scoring and work with the States to help secure water supplies for Australia’s towns and cities.

By 2030, because climate change will cut rainfall and increase evaporation, water supplies for Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth will drop by 25%. Climate change increases the need for urgent action from the Commonwealth Government.