May 5, 2016

Labor backs Baxter Electrification

An elected Labor Government will provide $1.5 million federal funding for a business case to enable the full duplication and electrification of the rail line to Baxter to proceed.

This vital project will be a game-changer for the whole region, and will entrench Frankston’s position as a new centre for jobs and growth.

The project will enhance access to services, jobs and opportunities for the residents of Frankston South, Langwarrin and Baxter, and support wider regional growth.

It will build on the Frankston Station Upgrade to unlock development potential and support the growth of key local institutions such as Monash University Peninsula Campus.

The funding will provide for the development of a full business case which can be submitted to Infrastructure Australia, consistent with Labor’s existing approach.

Labor’s partnership with the Andrews State Government in investing in the region is in sharp contrast to the Liberals’ approach of criticizing from the sidelines.

This week’s Federal Budget saw Victorians being further punished by the Coalition for voting Labor at the last election, with the state to receive just 9% of total federal infrastructure funding in this Budget despite accounting for 25% of the population.

This comes on top of last week’s attempt by the Coalition to seek re-election on the basis of returning less than one third of Labor’s original $3 billion commitment to the Melbourne Metro, with funding taken from the Asset Recycling Fund.

Dunkley is not even mentioned in the Liberals’ infrastructure plans for Victoria.

People in Dunkley know that the only way they will receive their fair share of federal infrastructure funding, including for the Melbourne Metro and the Baxter Electrification, is under a Federal Labor Government.