Jan 15, 2015

Labor forces Liberal backdown on bulk billing changes

Inner West families need no longer fear the cost of a visit to the local doctor as the Abbott Government today announced it would back down on sneaky changes to bulk billing.

Just two days ago Tony Abbott was happy to force doctors to hike fees and end bulk billing, yet now he has changed his tune.

This backdown follows Labor’s announcement they would fight this attack on Medicare every step of the way.

Australians should get the health care they need, not just what they can afford.

It also goes to show how out of touch Tony Abbott is with everyday Australians.

Forcing the sick and vulnerable to pay every time they see a doctor is not reform.

By taking a stand on this issue as a community, we have shown the Abbott Government how much we value our universal health care.

Abbott has not had a win on his plan for Medicare yet, and Labor will fight hard to make sure it stays this way.