Jun 5, 2016

Labor pledges $3 million for Scarborough Beach Road upgrade

A Shorten Labor Government would invest $3 million toward an upgrade of the intersection of Scarborough Beach Road and Green Street as part of its plan to tackle traffic congestion in Perth.

The decision is based on strong feedback from the local community about the need to eliminate the bottleneck, which causes lengthy delays for commuters.

Infrastructure Australia has warned traffic congestion will cost the nation $53 billion a year in lost productivity by 2031 unless action is taken now.

Reducing congestion requires action on both roads and rail, which is why a Shorten Labor Government would also invest $1 billion in the Perth Metronet to get ahead of Perth’s rapid growth.

That investment is in addition to road projects such as building two overpasses to address congestion on Wanneroo Road in the north of Perth, and building the Armadale Road bridge to connect Armadale and Cockburn in Perth’s south.

After taking office, the Abbott-Turnbull Government scrapped $500 million that had been allocated to public transport projects. And in this year’s Budget, it cut $72 million funding for the Swan Valley Bypass and more than $10 million from the Great Northern Highway.

An efficient transport system is critical to Australia’s productivity.

Only Labor can be trusted to invest in roads and public transport projects that will boost productivity, thereby promoting economic and employment growth.