Aug 4, 2017

Labor thanks Mark Birrell

Labor pays tribute to the retiring Chairman of the board of Infrastructure Australia, Mark Birrell, for his long service to nation building in Australia.

Mr Birrell was one of the first board members of Infrastructure Australia when the former Federal Labor Government created the organisation in 2008 to advise government on infrastructure policy and provision.

Working with governments on both sides of the political fence, Mr Birrell has been integral in advocating an evidence-based approach to infrastructure provision in Australia.

Under his leadership, the board has maintained Infrastructure Australia’s National Infrastructure Priority List and overseen important research and policy development that have enhanced the ability of governments to achieve greater value for money in major projects.

The recent Infrastructure Australia report about preservation of corridors for infrastructure is consistent with Mr Birrell’s long-held views.

He came to this important role after leading industry group Infrastructure Partnerships Australia as its founding chairman after time in the Victorian Parliament during which he served as Minister for Major Projects.

I thank Mr Birrell for his service and wish him well in the future.