May 11, 2016

Labor to expand Schofields Station car park

A Shorten Labor Government will provide $5 million to expand commuter car parking at Schofields Train Station in Sydney’s West.

Schofields and surrounding suburbs such as The Ponds are some of the fastest-growing areas in Western Sydney with thousands of local residents commuting for up to 90 minutes a day.

Every morning, Railway Terrace down to Burdekin Road and Pelican Road are lined with parked cars because the limited available parking fills up so quickly.

A recent petition distributed by the Member for Greenway Michelle Rowland regarding inadequate car parking at the station generated the fastest responses ever received by her office.

People need an incentive to use public transport. You cannot make it difficult to access or people simply won’t use it, adding to more congestion on our roads.

Despite this, during nearly three years in office, the Abbott-Turnbull Government has failed to invest a single dollar in fixing the problem.

Australian Bureau of Statistics figures show that since the Liberals were elected, public investment in infrastructure has fallen by more than 20 per cent. This is not good enough.

Labor believes in public transport. Mr Turnbull talks about it, but only Labor will invest in it.

People in Sydney’s west know that only a Federal Labor Government will deliver the infrastructure that Australia needs.