Jun 17, 2016

Labor to extend no 11 Tram route

An elected Federal Labor Government will deliver $22 million for an extension to the number 11 tram route in Melbourne to improve access to services, reduce congestion and improve quality of life for Melbourne’s fast growing northern suburbs.

The project would see the current Tram route 11 extended north to the end of Gilbert Rd, helping to address the pressing need for increased public transport and better access to services for the local community. This represents the first stage of a potential further extension through to Reservoir train station.

“This tram extension has been discussed by the community for many years and was initially promised decades ago.  Some residents have now been waiting more than fifty years,” David Feeney, Member for Batman said.

“With growing demand on local roads and a need to access local services by an ageing population, the extension to the 11 has never been more urgent.

“The demographics of this area are changing, with older residents ageing and young families moving in. But there is also increased congestion which is making getting around harder for both groups, which is why this project is essential,” he said.

Shadow Minister for Transport, Infrastructure and Cities, Anthony Albanese emphasised the alignment of the project with key Labor infrastructure and urban policy, including Labor’s plan for productive, sustainable and liveable cities.

“Labor is committed to investing in integrated transport systems involving public transport and roads.  This project will ease congestion and make the area more liveable.

“It’s good for the environment, families and all of those who rely on services which will become more accessible via the tram route,” he said.

Thousands of residents living in Reservoir will benefit from this project with shorter travel times, easier access to public transport an increased quality of life and improved access to services. 

Whilst other political parties make promises on public transport which will never be delivered, Labor stands on its record. The former Labor Government invested more in urban public transport than all previous governments combined since Federation.

Only a Federal Labor Government will deliver an extension of the number 11 tram.