Apr 11, 2018

Media Release – Labor to Invest in the Next Stage of Mitchell Freeway Expansion – Wednesday, 10 April 2018

A Shorten Labor Government will invest in the future of Perth’s northern suburbs with a $108 million commitment to the expansion of the Mitchell Freeway, a project that will generate 875 local jobs.

The Mitchell Freeway is one of Perth’s busiest roads – with up to 140,000 vehicles per day – and is critical to link Perth’s northern suburbs to commercial, residential and recreational facilities in the wider metropolitan area.

But capacity constraints and congestion continue to put pressure on the ability of the area to grow, with investment in new suburbs in the north west corridor contingent on extending the Mitchell Freeway.

That’s why Labor is making this $108 investment to better roads, more jobs and future growth Perth’s north.

The project will see the construction of a  5.6 km extension from Romeo Road, beyond its current end point at Hester Avenue, and has been identified by Infrastructure Australia as a “High Priority Initiative.”

Without additional capacity, the Mitchell Freeway is predicted to become the most congested corridor in Perth by the early to mid-2020s.

Despite this, the Turnbull Government is failing to act and fund this vital road project. Local Liberal MPs Christian Porter and Ian Goodenough have admitted that the project is critical to the region’s future – but Turnbull continues to turn his back on local infrastructure.

Labor’s $108 million investment is part of Labor’s $1.6 billion Fair Share for WA Fund that was announced to bring WA’s GST share up to the equivalent of a 70 cent floor.

Today’s announcement builds on Labor’s commitment to better roads and infrastructure for WA, including a $64 million towards the construction of the Stephenson Avenue extension and a new freeway interchange.

Instead of giving multinationals and millionaires big tax handouts, Labor is prioritising more infrastructure and more jobs for WA, and investing in projects that will improve people’s lives, generate local jobs, and build potential for future growth.