Jun 26, 2007

Labor Welcomes HREOC Report into Same-Sex Entitlements

Labor Welcomes HREOC Report into Same-Sex Entitlements


26 June 2007

I welcome the Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission’s report, "Same-Sex: Same Entitlements".

The report is the culmination of 14 months of hard work, and highlights the gaping holes in federal legislation and work related entitlements that still allow discrimination against same-sex couples.

I have drawn attention to this issue since I entered Parliament, yet the Federal Government has refused to take action for more than a decade.

Same sex couples in Australia are still denied access to the basic entitlements under federal law that are afforded to heterosexual couples, such as tax concessions, superannuation, death benefits, workers’ compensation and veterans’ entitlements.

The States and Territories have already removed this discrimination for financial and work related entitlements. Action by the Federal Government is long overdue.

Labor has a long-standing commitment to remove discrimination against same-sex couples from Federal legislation. It will take a change in government for this to happen.