Jun 2, 2015

Labor welcomes Legacy Way opening

Labor welcomes the opening of the $1.5 billion Legacy Way project in Brisbane to the community over the weekend – a project funded and started by the former Labor Government.

When opened to traffic in coming days, the tunnel will almost halve peak hour travel times between the Centenary Bridge and the Inner City Bypass.

Infrastructure Partnerships Australia named Legacy Way as 2015 ‘Project of the Year’ in March, recognising a combination of financial, advisory, contractor and government partnership excellence.

Such great projects will be harder to deliver under Tony Abbott’s 2015 Budget which cuts infrastructure spending by $2 billion over the next two years.

Last week officials told Senate estimates that this year’s Budget cut $613 million of infrastructure spending for Queensland over the next two years.

Upon being elected Tony Abbott cut every dollar of public transport funding across Australia including $715 million already allocated for the Brisbane Cross River Rail.

As congestion worsens and people spend more time sitting in traffic instead of at home with their kids, this government has no infrastructure plan and no vision.

Labor is proud of its record in Queensland, with the former government doubling annual spending infrastructure spending from $143 to $314 per Queenslander.