Feb 27, 2015

Labor welcomes OneSky Australia

Labor welcomes the announcement of OneSky – an initiative from Airservices Australia and the Department of Defence, to deliver a harmonised Defence Air Traffic Management and Control System (DATMCS) for the AIR 5431 project.

OneSky is an initiative to provide a DATMCS which will bring together civil and military air traffic control under one management system.

This improved aviation efficiency and safety of OneSky will see the Department of Defence and Airservices Australia enter into an Advanced Work contract for the next critical stage to be delivered by Thales Australia.

This greater coordination between the civilian and military aviation will allow Australia to remove limitations from separately managed airspace’s and the constraints of operating different systems with separate databases.

The OneSky Project was announced under the former Labor Government to help eliminate duplication, and save up to $300 million.

This arose out of the Aviation white Paper which was released in December, 2009.

David Feeney, Shadow Assistant Defence Minister said:

“These advances will help to ensure efficiency and safety is at the forefront for Australian civil and military air traffic management.

“This was a great Labor initiative, and a welcome announcement today.

“The announcement today for the AIR 5431 project should allow better capability, management and the prioritisation of the increasingly complex air traffic mix.”