Nov 19, 2007

Labor will insulate Fort Street High from aircraft noise

Labor will insulate Fort Street High from aircraft noise

Martin Ferguson AM MP

Shadow Minister for Transport, Roads and Tourism

Anthony Albanese

Labor Member for Grayndler

19 November 2007

A Rudd Labor Government will fully insulate Fort Street High School from aircraft noise so students can finally study in peace.

Member for Grayndler Anthony Albanese joined Shadow Minister for Transport, Roads and Tourism Martin Ferguson at Fort Street High School today to announce Labor’s commitment.

Mr Albanese took Mr Ferguson on a tour of the school and introduced him to students who have been writing letters to John Howard about the impact of aircraft noise on their education – without success.

“The Howard Government has ignored the issue of aircraft noise for eleven long years – and it’s the education of kids at this school that has suffered,” Mr Albanese said.

“Insulating Fort Street from aircraft noise is a simple measure, but it will drastically improve the learning and lives of thousands of students now and into the future.”

“Federal Labor has a long-standing commitment to insulate Fort Street from aircraft noise. The truth is, this should have been done by now,” Mr Albanese said.

Fort Street sits just outside the formal noise insulation boundary, but the school is heavily impacted by the scheduling system which maximises flights over the area during the day. Many residents are at work at this time, so the impact on locals is reduced – but this is precisely when students are studying hard at school.

“A quiet classroom is a better place to learn,” Mr Albanese said.

“Labor cares about the education of young people in Grayndler. We will do anything and everything we can to make sure our kids have the best education possible to give them the best chance of success later in life.

Mr Ferguson said a Rudd Labor government would allocate up to $3 million to fully insulate the school.

“$3 million is a significant commitment, but it’s absolutely worth it to ensure that local children can learn without the roar of aircraft noise overpowering teachers in the classroom.

“While the Prime Minister has refused the requests of Fort Street students and Principal Ros Moxham, we are here to say Labor is listening – and will invest $3 million for the insulation students need and deserve,” Mr Ferguson said.

Below: Anthony and Martin with students of Fort Street High School at the announcement.