Jun 29, 2016

Labor’s positive plan for aviation

A Shorten Labor Government will maintain strict standards over aviation safety and focus on enhancing the role of regional airports as part of Labor’s comprehensive aviation policy released today.

Aviation is a $30 billion industry that directly employs tens of thousands of Australians and is critical to the ongoing development of our tourism industry.

Labor has always had a strong commitment to maintaining Australia’s excellent safety record. The former Labor Government made the issue central to the production of the nation’s first Aviation White Paper in 2009, which underpins our ongoing approach to aviation.

Aviation safety should be beyond politics and Labor will always work with other parties in the Parliament to ensure Australian regulations keep up with global standards.

Labor will also seek to enhance the role of regional airports in Australian aviation, including by providing greater opportunities for them to attract international airlines.

We will also continue to support the development of the Sydney West Airport at Badgerys Creek, subject to the establishment of a no-fly zone at night over existing residences.

Labor will invest in a passenger rail connection to the airport from the day it opens to maximise the potential for job creation at the airport and aviation-related industries in the surrounding precinct.

To find out more about Labor’s plans for Australian aviation visit: www.100positivepolicies.org.au/labors_positive_plan_for_aviation