Feb 14, 2013

Federal Labor and Bruce Highway – Letter to the Editor – Daily Mercury, Mackay

I write in response to local MP George Christensen’s latest silly comments about Federal Labor’s commitment to the Bruce Highway.

Mr Christensen needs to get real.  If he honestly believes that we have “hardly spent anything” on this road then he must have been in a permanent state of rage during the entire 12 years of the former Howard Government.

Let’s compare the financial commitment of this Government with that of our LNP predecessors.  While we’ve already committed $3.3 billion to upgrading the Bruce Highway, the former government could only manage $1.3 billion over its 12 long years in office – and that despite being Australia’s highest ever taxing government.

In other words, Federal Labor is investing much more than twice the amount in half the time.

Even members of Mr Christensen’s own party have acknowledged this fact.  Indeed, according to Herbert MP Ewen Jones:

“I’ll give Labor a pat on the back and say they have spent more in their four or five years on the Bruce Highway than we did before.”

And Nationals Leader Warren Truss has said that “certainly there’s been more money spent” on the Highway since Federal Labor was first elected in 2007.

After more than five years in opposition, Tony Abbott, Mr Christensen and the LNP don’t have a plan for the Bruce Highway.  All they’ve got is another three word slogan.