May 15, 2007

Letter to the Editor – Sydney Airport

As printed in the Inner Western Suburbs Courier, 15 May 2007.

Dear Editor,

When it comes the challenges facing our local community and the nation, the Greens Party and their allies fail to support real solutions. Nowhere is this more apparent than in their position on Sydney Airport.

The Greens Party argue for the closure of Sydney Airport, but also oppose Badgery’s Creek, Wilton and any other site that has been proposed for an airport for Sydney. Indeed, they have run scare campaigns in all of the possible locations for another airport. Their position is short-sighted, fundamentally flawed, and completely devoid of credibility.

The fact is that Sydney does require airports in order to function as a major city. Mr Rees (Inner West Courier, 8 May 2007) fails to outline where his (replacement) airport would be located, and even suggests that other forms of public transport could be a substitute for air travel.

I stand by my position of curbing the growth of Sydney Airport, whilst being a strong advocate of a second airport for Sydney as the only real solution for our local community. That position is consistent with a real vision for Sydney as a major global city.

It is always easy in politics to decide what you’re against. But unless you can determine what you’re for, then it’s just empty rhetoric.

Anthony Albanese MP

Federal Member for Grayndler

Shadow Minister for Infrastructure and Water

Manager of Opposition Business