Sep 29, 2004

Liberal Leader sees no need for Mr Howard’s technical colleges


MEDIA RELEASE: Anthony Albanese – 29 September 2004

More criticism of Mr Howard’s crazy proposal to build 24 new Technical College has emerged today – this time from within his own party.

When asked today on Perth radio whether Mr Howard’s idea to build new Technical Colleges was “dumb” in light of the fact Australia already has a TAFE system delivering world class technical education, the State Liberal Party Leader Colin Barnett replied:

“It would certainly cause some confusion, and I think it would be confusing for parents and students. I would hope if the Commonwealth goes down this path that it’s worked out in a way that it’s compatible with our schools and our TAFE and our university. I think what we need to do is improve, at every level, the quality of our education, rather than add new layers into our education system.”

Source: Radio 6PR Mornings

Mr Barnett is spot on. Mr Howard’s $290 million Technical Colleges are an expensive and unnecessary duplication of what Australia already has.

What’s more, the Federal Training Minister Brendan Nelson conceded earlier this week that many of these expensive new Colleges won’t be up and running until 2008.

If ever you needed proof that Mr Howard has run out of ideas, this ill thought out proposal to build new Technical Colleges is it.