Nov 23, 2012

LNP Unveils Its ‘Don’t Worry, Trust Us’ Bruce Highway Policy

The Federal Coalition’s Bruce Highway policy has become an even more absurd charade, with Nationals Leader Warren Truss admitting for the first time that between now and Election Day he has no intention of telling anyone how they would “fix” the road.

Instead, Mr Truss has arrogantly told local communities:

“The choice of which projects will be funded will be a matter for negotiation between an incoming Coalition government and the State.”


In short, Mr Truss is saying: ‘elect us first then we’ll tell you what we will do’.

This ‘don’t worry, trust us’ response should send a shiver down the spines of everyone who relies on the Bruce Highway, particularly given the LNP’s track record the last time they were in government (1996-2007).

Indeed, compared to the $2.8 billion over six years that Federal Labor is currently investing in the Highway, the former Howard Government in which Mr Truss served as Transport Minister spent only $1.3 billion during its twelve long years.

The latest revelation follows the comments made earlier this month by Warren Entsch, describing the Bruce Highway Action Plan compiled and recently released by his Queensland LNP colleagues as “BS”.

When it comes to the Bruce Highway, the LNP is all deceit and no action.  In contrast, Federal Labor is getting on with the job of delivering real money for real projects that are delivering real improvements to this vital road.