May 9, 2013

LNP’S unbelievable Bruce Highway “promise”

The LNP’s Bruce Highway “policy” – or what little we know of it – has sunk to a new low in believability, with Nationals Leader and Shadow Transport Minister Warren Truss now promising to duplicate the entire 1,700 kilometre road.

In recent days Mr Truss has told one of his local newspapers, and I quote:

“Yes, six lanes to Caboolture is something that needs to be done, but I’d like to see four lanes at least all the way up to Cairns.”


So while Mr Truss hasn’t been able to tell us what the LNP would do over just the next three years to “fix the Bruce” should they win this year’s Federal Election, he now expects us to believe him when he says they will fully duplicate the Highway if given a couple of decades in government.

Queenslanders deserve better and not to be treated like mugs.

What’s more, I’m sure the Shadow Treasurer Joe Hockey will be pleased to hear of Mr Truss’s latest promise, which by itself adds tens of billions of dollars to the LNP’s already long list of unfunded promises.

For that reason, I today call on Tony Abbott and Joe Hockey to either back Mr Truss’s latest promise and tell us where the money is coming from or repudiate it and come clean with their real plans.

Three word slogans and unfunded promises don’t fix roads.

Now in their sixth year of opposition, Mr Truss and the LNP have failed to commit even one extra dollar to the Highway.

And let’s not forget that the last time the LNP was in office, they cut $2 billion from the Federal roads budget and could only be bothered spending just $1.3 billion over 12 years on the Bruce Highway – and that’s despite being Australia’s highest ever taxing government.

In the meantime, Federal Labor is getting on with rolling out our $4.1 billion, 10-year plan for a better, safer Bruce Highway, which right now is delivering real money for real projects that will make a real difference.

All up, we have already committed more than four times what the former Howard Government spent on the Bruce Highway over a similar period of time, proof Federal Labor always delivers more than the LNP.