Aug 24, 2012

M4 Motorway to get smarter and safer

The Federal and NSW governments have come together to take the first step towards equipping the M4 with technology which will improve traffic flows and ease congestion along this vital part of Sydney’s road network.

Federal Infrastructure and Transport Minister Anthony Albanese today joined NSW Roads Minister Duncan Gay in Auburn to announce their governments would each stump up $8.5 million to begin planning for the installation of an electronic freeway management system along the full length of the M4 Motorway.

“Retrofitting the Motorway with this cutting-edge technology would give authorities the tools to better manage traffic flows, respond quickly to accidents, and deliver real time information to motorists so they can plan their journeys and avoid frustrating delays,” said Mr Albanese.

“It’s all about getting the most out of the infrastructure we’ve already built, which is a far smarter and cheaper option than simply building more and bigger roads. Indeed, if used nationwide these systems have the real potential to greatly reduce congestion and save Australians more than $500 million a year in fuel and related costs.

“But while the potential benefits of this technology are significant, it doesn’t come cheap.  That’s why from the outset we need to get the planning right and make sure it’s properly adapted to the needs of the City’s road network as a whole.”

Mr Gay said the NSW Government was determined to improve Sydney’s roads and congestion.

“Today we’ve taken the important step to begin work towards planning for an electronic freeway management system along the full length of the M4 Motorway,” he said.

“As well as being good for taxpayers, this technology will deliver faster, safer and less frustrating driving conditions for the 115,000 motorists and truck drivers who use this vital part of Sydney’s road network every day.

“Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) will call for tenders soon from companies interested in designing the system, planning its rollout and securing the necessary environmental approvals.”

An M4 electronic freeway management system would consist of variable speed limit signs; entry ramp signalling; CCTVs; digital message signs providing live updates on traffic conditions and delays; and signs advising drivers of lane and speed restrictions.


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Managed Motorways: M4 (Western Motorway)

Map of M4 Western Motorway