Apr 27, 2012

Macquarie Pint Railyards – Unlocking the potential

Hobart will soon be home to an innovative project showcasing the best in urban design, planning and renewal, funded as part of our efforts to make the nation’s major cities more productive, sustainable and liveable.

The Federal Labor Government is providing $110,000 so that Tasmania’s Department of Economic Development can undertake a major economic study into the potential and future use of the Macquarie Point Railyards.

Later this year, the freight and transport services that operate from the Railyards will relocate to the Brighton Transport Hub.

This will leave an 8.4 hectare site located right on the doorstep of Hobart’s CBD with enormous potential for urban renewal and development.

The study will look specifically at:

  • the economic potential for the site
  • unlocking its cultural and tourism potential including examining ways to expand Hobart’s role as an international gateway to the Antarctic
  • the potential for affordable housing
  • ensuring that existing commercial and private property markets are supported and not compromised by new investment activity.

The study is funded through the Federal Government’s Liveable Cities program and supports the aims of the National Urban Policy.

From a national perspective, it’s a great example of the kind of planning at the local and citywide level which will be required to address the big challenges facing our cities such as climate change, a lack of affordable housing, traffic congestion and a growing, ageing population.

That’s why Federal Labor has ended the Commonwealth’s self-imposed, decade long exile from our major cities and is again engaging with the states and territories and local councils to bring about a much needed urban renaissance.

As one of the most urbanised societies on the planet, Australia’s future economic prosperity and social cohesion will depend largely on how successful we are at making our cities work better.