Oct 28, 2019

Media Release – Albanese & Plibersek – Scott Morrison’s Skill Crisis Holding Western Australia Back – Monday, 28 October 2019

There are 13,000 fewer apprentices and trainees in Western Australia than there were before the Liberals were elected six years ago.

Official data shows more than 13,000 apprentices and trainees have been lost, including around 7000 in Perth alone.

Employers are crying out for qualified workers, particularly in Perth. The skills crisis in the West is hurting the economy and local businesses, and Scott Morrison is doing nothing to fix the problem.

Across the West there are shortages of metal fitters and machinists, surveyors, motor mechanics, panel beaters and a range of other areas.

Last week it was revealed the Liberals have spent $1 billion less on TAFE and training than they promised.

If the Liberals don’t do something serious to fix the skills crisis they have created in the West, we could be looking at the extinction of the tradie.

Nationwide, since the Liberals were elected six years ago, Australia has lost 150,000 apprentices and trainees.

The number of Australians doing an apprenticeship or traineeship is lower today than it was a decade ago.

There are more people dropping out of apprenticeships and traineeships than finishing them.

At the same time, there are almost two million Australians out of work or looking for more hours.

Mr Morrison isn’t training enough people for jobs in the industries facing skills shortages because he’s starving TAFEs and training of funding.

Australia is perfectly placed to reap the  benefits offered by the extraordinary economic growth in our region.

But to take full advantage of this growth  we must ensure our people have the skills and qualifications to exploit the looming opportunities in manufacturing and construction.

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