Jul 3, 2018

Media Release – Constance Should Grow Up and Put People First on Metro West Rail – Tuesday, 3 July 2018

NSW Transport Minister Andrew Constance has embarrassed himself by rejecting Federal Labor’s commitment of $3 billion for the proposed Sydney Metro West rail project on partisan political grounds.

The Sydney Morning Herald reported today that last Thursday, Mr Constance said he needed Federal funding for the project, which will connect Parramatta with the Sydney CBD.

Mr Constance said: “Canberra need (sic) to seriously start to look at this project to make this work”.

But on Monday, after Opposition Leader Bill Shorten committed $3 billion to the project in his speech at the  NSW Labor Party conference, Mr Constance changed his tune. Standing next to Federal Urban Infrastructure Minister Paul Fletcher, who has not offered a dollar for the project, Mr Constance rejected the need for Federal investment.

Mr Constance is more interested in politics than delivering Metro West.

He should dump the hypocrisy and grow up.

Improving public transport between Parramatta and the Sydney CBD must be a priority for both levels of government.

Australians want political representatives to focus on outcomes, not politics.

Metro West is a good project.

That’s why NSW Labor Leader Luke Foley, who understands the importance of infrastructure investment to tackling traffic congestion and boosting economic productivity, has promised a State Labor Government would fast-track construction.

It is also why Federal Labor has committed funding.

Instead of playing political games, Mr Constance should press the Turnbull Government to get behind this important project.