Jul 2, 2018

Media Release – Forget the Lycra: Labor will Deliver Stage II of the Mackay Ring Road – Monday, 2 July 2018

Dawson MP George Christensen’s failure to secure Budget funding for Stage II of the Mackay Ring Road highlights his growing irrelevance within the Federal Government.

In February Federal Labor committed $102 million for planning and construction of the Mackay Port Access Road, to be delivered in partnership with the Queensland Government.

Labor recognises the fundamental importance of this project to Mackay’s quality of life and ongoing economic development.

By contrast, Mr Christensen was unable to extract a dollar of funding from the Federal Coalition Government in May’s Federal Budget.

To his embarrassment, Mr Christensen recently made a bizarre video in which he ran around singing in a lycra leotard in an attempt to bring attention to the project.

The people of Dawson don’t need a clown in a leotard.

They need a Labor Government in Canberra with a Labor representative able to deliver the services and infrastructure their community needs and deserves.

It is becoming increasingly clear that Mr Christensen’s frequent media stunts and threats to cross the floor have eroded his credibility with his colleagues to such an extent that he is ineffective as an advocate for his community.

With Stage I of the Mackay Ring Road under construction, Labor is determined to ensure that we lock in Stage II to allow for a seamless continuation of the project.

The 8.2km Mackay Port Access Road will link the Bruce Highway North intersection to the Harbour Road intersection – connecting Mackay’s northern suburbs to the Paget Industrial Area and mining locations west of the city.