Oct 17, 2019

Media Release – Government Runs From Economic Debate – Thursday, 17 October 2019


For a second consecutive day Scott Morrison has refused to defend his economic record by debating the state of the Australian economy in the Parliament.

After more than six years in office the Government has produced:

  • The slowest economic growth in a decade;
  • The worst wages growth on record;
  • Almost two million Australians being unemployed or underemployed;
  • A decline in GDP per capita last year, with flat growth in the last quarter;
  • Record levels of household debt;
  • Consumer confidence at a four-year low;
  • Business confidence well below average; and
  • Sluggish productivity growth.

In Parliament today we repeatedly invited Mr Morrison to defend his economic record and allow time for a serious debate on the economy.

He ran from the issue.

He is ashamed of his economic record. He should be.

Mr Morrison has no plan to stimulate our nation’s sluggish economy and is so out of touch and arrogant that he believes he is above the scrutiny of the Parliament of Australia.