Jul 6, 2018

Media Release – Marrickville Heritage Study Launch – Friday, 6 July 2018

Last night I was proud to speak at the Marrickville Heritage and Character Study launch held in the ATLAS community and cultural centre.

The study was compiled by community organisation SAVE Marrickville, in response to a request from the NSW Minister for Planning, Anthony Roberts, and a Government announcement to Councils that ‘local character’ must be considered in their planning processes.

This is hypocritical of the State Government as Marrickville’s character is only under threat because of the Government’s own Revised Marrickville Plan and the proposed high rise development along Carrington Road.

The NSW Government need to understand that the key to successful urban redevelopment is including the local community, not ignoring them.

What we’re seeing is an attempt to change the landscape of our suburbs in a way that will destroy the vibrancy of local communities.

I will campaign with the community against overdevelopment. Marrickville does have a unique character and it must be protected.

Congratulations to SAVE Marrickville for the launch of their important study.