Sep 7, 2018

Media Release – New PM but Victorian Infrastructure Cuts Continue – Friday, 07 September, 2018

Victoria will continue to be ripped off on Federal infrastructure investment despite Scott Morrison’s ascension to the prime ministership.

According to a leaked list of infrastructure projects approved in the 2018 Budget but not announced, there are no new projects in Victoria other than the already announced $150 million for a Geelong City Deal.

Instead, the Morrison Government will focus its investment on marginal seats in New South Wales and Queensland.

The Federal Coalition has been ripping Victoria off for years, with the state receiving as little as 8 per cent of annual Federal infrastructure grants despite being home to a quarter of the national population.

In this year’s Federal Budget, then-Treasurer Mr Morrison tried to hide his cuts with promises of new projects. But 85 per cent of the promised investment will not be delivered for at least four years.

Victoria needs investment now to cope with its strong population growth.

But the switch from Malcolm Turnbull to Scott Morrison has changed nothing – the Federal Government is continuing to punish Victorians for having the temerity to elect a State Labor Government.

The Coalition’s cuts were further highlighted yesterday by new research from the independent Parliamentary Budget Office.

The PBO found that Federal infrastructure grants to the states expressed as a proportion of GDP will halve from 0.4 per cent in 2017-18 to 0.2 per cent over the next four years.

Australia needs to increase infrastructure investment to protect our quality of life in the face of the demands of our strong population growth.

Instead, the Coalition is cutting investment and its cuts disproportionately affect Victoria.