Sep 10, 2018

Media Release – NSW Government Must Reverse Decision to Close Globe Wilkins Preschool – Monday, 10 September 2018

Anthony addressed the Parliament today about the NSW Government’s decision to close Globe Wilkins Preschool. The full speech is below:

I rise to express my solidarity with the more than 500 Inner West residents who gathered yesterday to protest against the New South Wales Government’s decision to close Globe Wilkins Preschool, located in my electorate.

The school’s been operating for over 20 years, from dedicated classrooms on the grounds of Wilkins Public School in Marrickville. And it’s one of only 20 preschools right across Australia to hold an Excellent rating – awarded by the Australian Children’s Education and Care Authority.

There is indeed a national perspective for this. Because Globe Kindergarten was relocated after the third runway was built because it was deemed to be an inappropriate place to have a childcare school right under the flight path, in its location where it was in Marrickville.

I have been informed indeed that the level of care and quality of teaching at Globe Wilkins is second to none. The team of educators at the preschool are highly valued by children and parents for their dedication to their work and to the community.

The NSW Education Department has told them, that when the lease of their premises expires in 2019, Wilkins Public will require the classrooms to return to school use during the day. Which will result in the preschools’ closure.

Ironically, the NSW Government has announced in their Budget a commitment to increasing preschool numbers. You don’t do that – You don’t support early childhood education if you are closing a vital local community facility.

The NSW Government must reverse this decision.