Dec 5, 2019

Media Release – Scott Morrison’s Tramples on Democracy with Schoolyard Tantrum – Thursday, 5 December 2019

Scott Morrison has today made a mockery of the Federal Parliament, trampling convention by ramming controversial legislation through the House of Representatives without allowing a single second of debate.

This is not just some cute procedural game. The right of MPs to debate legislation is core to Australian democracy – and Scott Morrison has trashed that right with his incredible tantrum today.

He is acting like a petulant, juvenile schoolyard bully because he didn’t get his way in the Senate last week.

It’s clear he believes that none of the usual rules of integrity and accountability apply to him. His actions today show a contempt for democracy and disdain for anyone who disagrees with him.

The union-bashing Bill before the Parliament today contained differences from the Bill’s previous incarnation – incorporating all the amendments that were added without proper debate in the Senate.

But Mr Morrison has used his numbers in the House to deny any opposition or crossbench MPs speaking about this new Bill.

Scott Morrison is determined to ensure that no voices are heard but his own.

He has already launched attacks on the freedom of the press, freedom of information and the freedom to protest.

His resurrected union-bashing Bill attacks freedom of association – the right of workers to choose their representatives.

And today, he staged an anti-democratic attack on the Parliament’s right to debate legislation.