May 4, 2018

Media Release – Victory for People Power … and Beer – Friday, 4 May 2018

Labor welcomes news of excise tax reform to end discrimination against brewers of craft beer, a move that follows a long-running Labor campaign for justice for the thriving sector.

Media reports today suggest that Tuesday’s Budget will end the situation whereby excise applied to 50 litre kegs is levied at a lower rate than that applied to smaller kegs, which are widely used by craft brewers.

The reform will also reportedly give small brewers access to the same system of excise refunds available to big breweries.

The common sense change is a victory for people power.

It follows a strong campaign by Labor and the craft brewing industry which included a petition signed by more than 1400 people and a motion in the House of Representatives that received bipartisan support.

Craft brewing is a growth sector.

New breweries are being established across the nation and the development of the sector has also created a new tourism sector – craft brewery tours.

That means jobs and economic activity in local communities.

Craft brewers deserve to operate on a level playing field with the big multinational beer brands. And beer drinkers should pay the same regardless of what brand of beer they enjoy.

I congratulate the craft beer industry for its victory and look forward to this change clearing the way for even more new jobs and economic activity, particularly in my electorate in Sydney’s Inner West, home to some of the nation’s best breweries.