Jan 20, 2017

Melbourne Metro confirmed again as top priority nation

News today that the Melbourne Metro is one of the highest transport priorities for the nation should finally convince Malcolm Turnbull to join the Victorian Government in properly funding the project.

Indeed Infrastructure Australia approved the Metro project in 2012.

That is why Federal Labor funded the project in 2013 and why we have been so frustrated with the Coalition Government’s decision to strip this funding away as soon as it came to office in 2013.

If the Coalition Government had not cut funding from the Melbourne Metro, this project would be well underway by now.

Instead the funding was directed to the East West link, a project that didn’t stack up and that was poorly planned.

As a result, Victorians have been massively dudded on infrastructure funding, receiving less than eight per cent of federal funding despite having 25 per cent of the population.

It’s time for the Coalition to listen to the experts in the nation’s interest and get on with the job.