Feb 5, 2016

Melbourne Metro first priority under Labor

The urgently needed Melbourne Metro project will be Labor’s first priority for Victorian infrastructure under a Federal Labor Government.

If elected this year, Federal Labor will immediately convene talks with the Victorian Government and Infrastructure Australia to determine how to expedite the project.

The Melbourne Metro will double the double the size of Melbourne’s underground train network, creating space for an extra 20,000 passengers in peak hour.

It will create more than 3500 jobs and pave the way for future expansion of the rail network, which is vital with Melbourne’s population set to reach 8 million by 2050.

Melbournians spending too long stuck in traffic each day know this is a vital project which will decrease congestion, boost productivity and improve quality of life.

But upon being elected Tony Abbott cancelled $3 billion of funding for the Melbourne Metro, allocated in the 2013 Labor Government Budget, redirecting it to the discredited East-West Link project instead.

He also cancelled funding for the M80 upgrade and the Managed Motorways program which had been recommended by Infrastructure Australia.

Victorians have been dudded by the Coalition Government, with the state receiving just 8 per cent of federal infrastructure funding despite accounting for 25 per cent of the population.

Total infrastructure investment has collapsed under the Coalition Government with the ABS figures confirming public infrastructure investment has fallen 20 per cent since its election.

Malcolm Turnbull now plans to cut investment even further to fund an $18 million advertising campaign to mislead Australians about its performance.

Australia needs actual infrastructure, not propaganda.

Victorians should not have to pay the price for Coalition’s cuts and inaction.