Jul 3, 2008

Mental Health and Drug Rehabilitation Funding for Grayndler

Mental Health and Drug Rehabilitation Funding for Grayndler


The Hon Anthony Albanese

Minister for Infrastructure, Transport,

Regional Development and Local Government

Leader of the House

Member for Grayndler

June 6 2008

In recent weeks the Rudd Labor Government has announced significant funding for Mental Health and Drug Rehabilitation services in Grayndler.

Funding totals $ 665,000 and is targeted in two areas, Amphetamine Drug Rehabilitation and Mental Health.

Amphetamine Type Stimulants Grants Program

The money granted under this program can be used for a variety of purposes including, increasing educational resources, investing in frontline infrastructure or providing training for staff to better manage and treat the challenging behaviours displayed by amphetamine users.

“People who are dependent on amphetamines need help. Drug addiction devastates not only those addicted but also their families and friends.”

“With the right treatment people addicted to amphetamines can make a comeback. This funding will aid in that effort and I welcome it,” said Anthony Albanese.

Organisations in Grayndler receiving funding are The Construction Industry Drug and Alcohol Foundation, We Help Ourselves and the Women’s Alcohol and Drug Advisory Centre.

“The new challenges thrown up by Amphetamine addiction need strong action that results in positive outcomes for users and affected communities.” said Anthony Albanese.

Mental Health Non Government Organisation Capacity Building Grants Program

Capacity building grants have been given to 4 mental health organisations in Grayndler. The purpose of the grants is to increase organisational capacity in the Mental Health sector in response to increased demand for their services.

The expected increase in demand is a result of the $1.9 billion being invested through the COAG National Action Plan on Mental Health.

The 4 key areas receiving funding in the Non Government sector are

  •  Services for people with Drug and Alcohol problems
  •  Telephone counselling, self help and web based support programs
  • Support for day to day living in the community
  •  Suicide prevention programs

“I welcome the assistance coming to organisations in Grayndler to build capacity in response to increased Government funding in the mental health area.”

“Mental health is a challenge that the Rudd Labor Government is tackling head on,” said Anthony Albanese.