Jan 19, 2016

Millions wasted on propaganda despite infrastructure deficit

Contract records published yesterday show the Turnbull Government pressing ahead with its $18 million propaganda campaign, despite facing a significant infrastructure deficit.

Details of the tender show more than $15 million will be paid by the Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development to Mitchell & Partners to oversee the ‘building our future’ campaign.

This follows on from the discovery earlier this month of a contract awarded to Wallis Consulting Group by the Department of more than $300,000 for market research.

Yet the Mid-Year Economic and Fiscal Outlook document released last year  revealed the Government has no money for three new projects it has announced in recent months – the Gold Coast Light Rail Stage II, Adelaide’s Northern Connector and Perth’s Armadale Road upgrade.

To deliver these projects it will cannibalise its existing infrastructure budget, leading to cuts or cancellations of previously announced road and rail projects.

News of the MYEFO cuts follows the recent release of Australian Bureau of Statistics highlighting a 20 per cent fall in public infrastructure investment between the September quarter of 2013 and the September quarter of 2015.

You can’t claim to be building for the future when you’re actually reducing infrastructure investment.

The cut to actual investment to fund an advertising campaign misrepresenting the government’s actual record continues two years of infrastructure deceit from the Coalition.

Labor calls on Malcolm Turnbull to scrap the proposed advertising campaign.