Oct 11, 2016

Minister confirms he is a goose

Trade, Tourism and Investment Minister Steven Ciobo today stood by his proposed $5 increase in the Passenger Movement Charge despite having told Parliament only a month ago that previous increases were, “choking the golden goose that is Australia’s tourism industry’.

In Question Time today I asked the Minister for Tourism:

On 31 August 2016, the Minister told the House that increases in the passenger movement charge were “choking the golden goose that is Australia’s tourism industry”.

Given that 28 days later, the Government increased the charge by $5, does the Minister stand by his comments? And if he does, doesn’t that make him look like a goose?

In response Mr Ciobo sought to walk both sides of the street, defending his increase while maintaining his criticism of previous increases in the Passenger Movement Charge.

In doing so Mr Ciobo, whose portfolio has been handed the bill for the Coalition Government’s recent backpacker tax semi-backflip, has confirmed he is a goose who lacks the gravitas within Cabinet to stand up for an industry that employs more than one million Australians.