Aug 18, 2017

Minister won’t Answer Questions on WestConnex

Back in May I asked the Minister for Urban Infrastructure Paul Fletcher to answer questions in relation to community concerns about the WestConnex project.


More than three months later, the questions remain unanswered.


Minister Fletcher was given the ample time limit of 60 days to answer queries related to the toll road.


These included exactly what steps the Federal and NSW State governments have taken to mitigate taxpayers having to foot the bill for the acquisition of the Dan Murphy’s at 7 Darley Road in Leichhardt.


Now that Minister Fletcher’s time is up I have asked the Speaker of the House of Representatives Tony Smith to seek reason as to why the Inner West has had to wait more than three months for answers to straightforward questions about this disruptive development in our community.


That the Minister responsible for urban infrastructure can’t respond to simple questions about an urban roads project, speaks volumes about the vagueness of the design and development of WestConnex.


I will continue to call on Minister Fletcher, and the Federal and NSW State Governments to take responsibility and to provide accurate information to the community about further developments to the WestConnex project.