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Key achievements as Minister for Infrastructure and Transport

Anthony Albanese has been the Minister for Infrastructure and Transport since the election of the Federal Labor Government in November 2007. He has pursued a vigorous reform agenda aimed at reinvigorating Australia’s national transport network.

Under his direction, the Government has invested $36 billion over six years to rebuild new roads and rail lines, upgrade existing tracks and highways and improve access to our ports and airports.

In May 2011, he launched a national urban policy, designed to make the nation’s cities more productive, sustainable and liveable. Under a COAG deal, future infrastructure funding will be tied to improvements to State and Territory planning systems.

In September 2011, Minister Albanese announced reforms to revive Australia’s shipping industry. National plans to improve safety, security and efficiency at our ports and across our freight network are also underway.

“When Labor was elected to office in 2007, the OECD ranked us 20th out of 25 OECD nations when it came to investing in public infrastructure as a proportion of national income.

“People and goods simply can’t move quickly around the country and through our ports and airports if the roads and rail links are out-dated and in poor repair.

“That is why we are investing $36 billion over six years to eliminate bottlenecks and vastly improve the standard of Australia’s roads and rail network.

“Our national productivity can’t grow unless we make these tough decisions.”



  • The creation of Infrastructure Australia in 2008 to break the nexus between the short term-ism of the political cycle and the long-term vision necessary for the infrastructure investment cycle. IA has created a national pipeline of projects and provides independent advice to governments, investors and infrastructure owners.
  • Doubled the federal roads budget
  • Rebuilding one-third of the interstate rail freight network
  • Committed more to urban passenger rail than all other Commonwealth Governments combined since Federation
  • Developed a National Ports Strategy and are consulting over a draft National Freight Strategy
  • Aviation White Paper, the first ever Australian aviation policy, is regarded by global peak organisations as the world’s best practice.
  • Revitalising the Australian shipping industry with the support of industry and unions.
  • Reducing the number of transport regulators from 23 down to three with projected economic benefits of $30 billion over the next 20 years.
  • Named Infrastructure Minister of the Year for 2012 by London based publication Infrastructure Investor.

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