Nov 30, 2012

More Carbon Myths Exposed

Since the introduction of the Carbon Price on 1 July, domestic airfares have fallen and the number of people flying around our country has continued to rise – the very opposite of what Tony Abbott and his sidekick Warren Truss claimed would happen.

In the face of the Coalition’s doom and gloom predictions and relentless negativity, the latest figures from the Bureau of Infrastructure, Transport and Regional Economics (BITRE) show aviation in Australia is booming.

Almost one million more passengers took to the sky in Australia in July, August and September 2012 than in the same months of 2011. In July alone – the same month the carbon price was introduced – the number of people flying around our country increased by over 230,000 compared to July 2011.

What’s more, airfares are five times more affordable today than they were twenty years ago. The latest data shows that for domestic holiday travellers, the Best Discount fare fell another 5.2 per cent this month, following a 6.2 per cent decrease in October.

This data only confirms what Federal Labor has been saying all along: under the Carbon Price the domestic aviation industry will continue to go from strength to strength.

These new figures build on the business confidence expressed by the nation’s biggest carriers.

In the last month alone, Qantas has resumed flights to the Gold Coast and increased capacity on Tasmanian routes. Tiger Airways has resumed flights to Tasmania and just days ago announced new flights will commence between Sydney-Coffs Harbour early next year.

Let there be no doubt: Australia’s aviation industry has a bright future and will continue to grow under the carbon price.