Feb 14, 2013

More Overtaking Lanes for the Western Highway

Cut and Fill Pty Ltd has been awarded the contract to install new overtaking lanes along the Western Highway, with work expected to begin later this month and be completed in November.

Federal Infrastructure and Transport Minister Anthony Albanese said the two new four kilometre dual overtaking lanes will be constructed to the east and west of Pimpinio.

“We are building a better, safer Western Highway, with these latest overtaking lanes amongst the eleven we have or will be installing,” said Mr Albanese.

“After all, it is the nation’s second busiest highway and for too long it had been neglected and starved of much needed funding.  Indeed, we are investing a record $500 million over the six year to maintain and upgrade this road, more than four times what our predecessors spent during their entire 12 years in office.

Victorian Public Transport and Roads Minister Terry Mulder said the Baillieu Coalition Government is investing heavily in the infrastructure the State’s economy needs and regional communities rely upon.

“Once completed, these new overtaking lanes near Pimpinio will give motorists and truck drivers extra opportunities to pass slower moving vehicles safely,” said Mr Mulder.

“They will also complement the recently completed overtaking lanes at Dimboola, between Nhill and Kaniva and west of Kaniva, with work on a further Melbourne-bound lane near Kiata expected to be completed in coming months.”

Other recent improvements to the Western Highway include the strengthening of the bridge over the rail line at Wail along with the one located at Dadswells Bridge; upgrades to Pink Lake and Deep Lead rest areas; and construction of a new trailer exchange just outside Nhill.


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Western Highway Upgrade—Stawell to SA Border—Stage 2 Works

Map of Western Highway Upgrade, Stawell to SA Border, Stage 2 Works